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Alle Motorcycle Storehouse press releases van 2014 op een rij.

Enne, zelf kijken wat de meest actuele stand van zaken is in het MCS product palet? Hier gaat u naar de Storehouse website.

All Motorcycle Storehouse 2014 press releases lined up.

Wanna have a look to see the latest of the latest in the avalanche of new MCS products? Here's your link to the Storehouse website.

S&S KN 74" engine

The S&S KN-engines are made to resemble the OEM Harley Knuckleheads. Although many parts will fit a stock Knuckle, not all parts are identical to the original. These engines have been on the market for a while, but all were equipped with 3 5/8" big bore cylinders and a 4 1/2" stroker crank. For the first time S&S has produced their KN-engine with the stock late Knuckle 74" (1200cc) capacity. They have done this using the stock 3 7/16" bore x 3 31/32" stroke and setting the compression ratio to a very moderate 7.5:1. This engine will not win dragraces but is expected to run much longer than its stroked equivalent. Ready for a brand-new KN-engine, complete with Super E carb and Superstock electronic ignition, that will do the distance? Now is your time to act. For more information on this and other S&S engines you can contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

Cycle Visions, True Dual Exhaust for FLST models

In the new Motorcycle Storehouse catalog you can find some very interesting items like this exhaust that is made by Cycle Visions in the USA. When you feel you have to have something different, something not as obvious as your bikin' buddies, the Cycle Visions True Dual exhaust system (page 948), in chrome (968223) or black (968224), may just be what you were waiting for. It is a complete system, compatible with stock bikes, with a one-piece 2" headpipes and a 3.5" diameter baffled muffler construction. Includes heatshields and baffles are removable for service, when required. The system comes with O2 sensor plugs, for 00-06 models that are not equipped with O2 sensors. However, this is just half the story. If you are ready to go to tasteful radical, the exhaust system can really come to life when you let it be complemented by the Cycle Visions extended saddlebags (page 175). These extended stretched gel coated fiberglass hard bags will drop right around the exhaust muffler and give your Softail a killer bagger look. Note that you will have to obtain the saddlebag lids elsewhere! A purpose made longer rear fender (page 175 / MCS 968218) can be ordered separately so the saddlebags and fender are in sync. The fender is recessed to work with the Cycle Visions 968142 Eliminator LED taillight insert. Special filler panels are included with the fender so you will not be left with the stock gaping holes, between the saddlebags and fender. Special fender mounts are required (page 175). For more information, take a look in the Volume 10 Motorcycle Storehouse catalog, or in the on-line digital version. Then talk to your MCS dealer.

Real time tire pressure

Tire pressure is not something to kid about since it is of direct influence to the handling of your bike. This TPMS (Tire Pressure Measuring System) is, obviously, wireless. Two pressure sensors are included, one for each wheel. It is installed on the valve stem and replaces the standard valve stem cap. On-The-Fly measurement data is shown on the on-bike LCD monitor and shows you what is happening in real time. For more information you can contact your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

CoolPressure oil coolers

Many accessories are not much more than an accessory. If you like parts that will actually do something for your bike, the CoolPressure may be your kind of thing. Oil coolers can be helpful to cool your engine before it reaches critical temperatures, like in slow moving traffic or high speed cruising on a hot day. Additional cooling and a pressure gauge, all in one neat package, how good can life be? They come in with a single mount (MCS 905418) or with a dual mount set-up (MCS 905422). Includes a #6 AN fitting and clamps to frame tubes of 1", 1 1/8", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" diameter. Filler sleeves are included to compensate for above mentioned frame tube diameters. Just talk to your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer if you are into being cool.


GaugeFace  - Interface cable

Know one of these old dude´s laughing about iPhone®´s or iPod®´s? Your turn to laugh when you show 'm what your Apple® is really capable of. Make the current information technology found on any Harley look like childsplay, for instance. Download the free GaugeFace® app from the App Store® and order the GaugeFace® interface cable. This way you can connect your Harley, via the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) plug to your Apple® iPhone® or iPod® and extract information that will show on your screen as a virtual speedometer. The speedo face can be adjusted to your liking and the amount of information is stunning. Features include things like charging of your iPhone / iPod battery, customizable gauge faces, speedo, tacho, odometer, tripmeter, engine temp., gear indicator, turn signals, orientation auto-lock, metric & US displays, heads up display, digital compass, altimeter, check engine, shift light, battery voltage, fuel level, VIN reader, DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) read & erase. Tested to work with the iPhone 3G, 3GS & 4 and iPod touch 3rd. and 4th. generation and compatible with most 2001-up Delphi fuel injected H-D models. 11-12 Softail & 2012 Dyna are not yet supported as they use a new HDLAN protocol and have a different data port connector. Please check for the latest info on www.gaugeface.com. Applications and fitments are continuously updated and enhancements provided. For more faces you can download the Roland Sands app for the GaugeFace®. It has identical features but a choice of special Sands designed faces. You can order your GaugeFace® at your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer as partnumber 906008. Give him a call!

JIMS - Slim Jims oil filter wrench

This is for those that have encountered clearance issues between the oil filter wrench and the direct surroundings on your Harley, especially crankcase position sensors. This may be of ease in your periodic oil filter change since this Jims filter wrench is the slimmest on the market and is designed to solve clearance problems. The Slim Jims fits 3/8 inch square drive wrenches and is available as MCS 962020. Call your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information before your next oil change.

Motorcycle Storehouse - Interactive on-line catalog

On-line catalogs are a nice thing, if the were only searchable, like a PDF document, and clickable with website like navigation. Low and behold! Your on-line catalog dreams have come true! Motorcycle Storehouse announces the first interactive on-line catalog in the whole aftermarket Harley-Davidson industry. It is, just like their printed version, almost 1600 pages thick and contains 44.000 parts. It is searchable, just like a PDF document, which is a great tool, but there is more. Go to the main chapter index, and click... your at the beginning of the chapter of choice. Click on anything in the extremely large word index and you will go to the product of choice, on the correct page. Even better, click on any of the part numbers mentioned in the catalog, whoosh... a new page will open and you'll find you connected to the Motorcycle Storehouse database. It will show you a brief product description, up to 3 product pictures and, something the catalog cannot, give you up to date price and availability. How about that!? If you have something that is of special interest to you, you may bookmark those pages. No matter what you use, computer, smartphone or tablet, they will all work. Looks to me that Storehouse is ready for the future.

Paughco Brass intake housing for S&S Super E/G

The old Linkert style intake housing are possibly one of the hottest intakes available. Not just because of their looks but because of their heritage and slim, smooth lines. Originally used on Linkert carburetors, in the days that aircleaners were not yet invented. Even today these Paughco intakes remain true to the original design, meaning there is no filter element and none is available.Installing a filtering system would make it seriously uncapable of delivering the amounts of air required. After the ribbed and smooth chrome plated version Paughco now introduced the solid brass intake housing that will fit S&S Super E & G carburetors on engines with a bottom vent (902933) or 92-07 head vent (902934) system. This is so cool you could start to think about wanting to have one, no matter the missing filter element! Call your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information.

Biltwell Thunder risers

A blast in stainless riser design from the Good 'Ol Boys of Biltwell. Ready to become an instant classic since it meets all the requirements. It's simple, beautiful and effective. Its feels like having to have lived without a toothpick or a clothespin, when eyeballing these risers, since you can actually wonder why nobody ever came up with something like this before. The styling resembles that of the 60's and will make a great piece for any modern, classic, retro or street tracker. Thunder risers take all 1 inch diameter bars, give a 1 3/4 inch rise and work with all triple trees with a 3.5 inch spacing between the mounting bolts and this will fit most H-D models and customs with 1 inch handlebars. Overall great news for riders that know the value of something special when they see it. Available in polished stainless (MCS 942594) or black finished stainless (MCS 942685). Just give your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call.

Ride-On - Tire sealant

Few things are worse than stranding with a flat, usually in the middle of nowhere. Ride-On is a manufacturer of a fluid which is added when installing a new tire, or one that is already on the bike, through the valve stem. After adding Ride-On the fluid will coat the tire on the inside, this will take approx. 4 miles (6km). After that Ride-On will automatically seal 85-95% of all leaks upto 6.4mm diameter in tubeless tires and 55-65% of all leaks upto 3.2mm in tube type tires. Since it will evenly disperse it acts as a wheel balancer, therefore wheel weights are no longer required. Rims are easy to clean when changing tires, just rinse off and wipe clean with a damp rag. The product is biodegradable, non-flammable, corrosion protective and compatible with TPMS (Tire Pressure Measuring Systems). Note that Ride-On is not compatible with TPMS systems that are not hermetically sealed, like 09-12 Goldwings. For all others, this could well be the best ride insurance you ever had! Available in a 8oz (237cc) bottle, as MCS 906001 and for dealers in a 5 gallon (18.92 liter) barrel as MCS 906002. A special manual pump for the 5 gallon barrel is available as MCS 906003. For the first time you can give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call, not to repair but to prevent a flat. Howabout that!


Paughco, 9Twentyfives

Paughco is not known for their earthshaking innovative designs In fact they are a leading supplier in custom parts for Harley-Davidson aftermarket scene since 1969 and at Paughco classic is written with a capital C. The new 9Twentyfives exhaust series is just such a product. The 2 1/4" diameter pipes became popular around 20 years ago but nowadays a lot of the initial models are no longer available, something Shovel owners will readily agree too. Paughco now has the full range of 'Bull Pipes' available for 70-84 Shovel, 86-11 Softail and even for the latest 2012 Softails with the smaller 12mm O2 sensor bungs. For Sportster the 86-03 XL and 04-12 XL model year range are available. Each model is available in Long, Short or Short Slash Cut and in a Black or Chrome finish. Heat shields are separately available for all models in Chrome, Black and Brass. If you want to muffle the roar, which is enough to give a Tyrannosaur a run for its money, separately baffle sets are available with a chrome tip, black tip or without tip. Give your local Motorcycle Dealer a call for some investment in a serious pipe.

Black handlebar control conversion kit

If you have an issue with chrome, like getting allergic reactions to the eye blistering stuff, or worse, this is yours. This kit is complete, but stock switches must be re-used. Apart from the gone-is-chrome color this MCS 900557 kit will upgrade your cable operated clutch to a hydraulic clutch system, with no additional parts required. Easy to install and nothing more to wish. Fits 96-06 Softail, Touring 5-speeds and 96-05 Dyna 5-speed models. Give your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call for more information.

West Coast Choppers, Cargo Pants!

If you're one of those that has never heard of Cargo Pants, you need to get your stuff together. Jesse James has them in his assortment so you know you can't go wrong. Cargo Pants are casual fashion that does just fine as practical wear with a tough look in the real world of every day. The large pockets are large and give ample space for carrying any and all necessities for men or women. Available in black, green and in sizes ranging from S to XXXL. Give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call before the summer starts and you'll be allright.

Biltwell Whiskey Throttle grips

Do you know the, extremely, classic, throttle grips? Well, here they are! Available as Whiskey grips, a look-a-like honest reproduction of the original custom grips. Fact of the matter is these are precision CNC machined for perfection with a finish of sparkling chrome or black for the bad-to-the-bone. If you seek true classic, your choice would be the single throttle cable set-up, but the dual cable version can be had as well. Perfect in any custom application where a 1 inch diameter handlebar is used. Bobber fever never felt better with Whiskey's at the bars. Bet ya. Contact your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information.


Avon Grips - Pink Grips!

More grips news from the men & women from England that provide you with a grip from motorsport to golf. The latest grips are... pink! You'd almost stumble WTF, but these are designed for men that do not have any doubt about their manhood whatsoever, men that do, or the color blind. Great for girly women too! In fact these pink grips, in Custom Contour or Air Cushioned black or chrome based for cable or electronic throttle H-D models, must have a surprisingly large market. Some even whisper these are going to be the hottest selling set of grips on the market today. Maybe so, maybe not. If you are in for a set, contact your local Storehouse dealer.

Speaker LED head lamp units

Back in the day carriages were rolling around with candles, followed by gas lamps. Electricity was the first serious leap forward in illumination. First the regular bulb then the improved H4. A serious increase in light came from Xenon light system. At this moment LED head lamps are the next step. The advantages of LED are numerous. Instant changing from high to low beam, long life, and low amperage draw. A special ballast, like used with xenon, is not required. The LED head lamp units come complete with stock connector and are plug & Play. The light output is reported as 'excellent' and way more than with your current H4 light bulb. The LED units are available in 4 1/2", 5 3/4" and 7" diameter to cover most H-D® applications and for Right Side Drive, like in Europe and for Left Side Drive, like in the UK. When your eyes can use some additional help in the dark of night, contact your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer and ask for Speaker LED head lamp and driving light units.

DMD, The Helmet Goggle!

Better a fly in the sky than a fly in the eye, according to an old biker saying. Some things never change and if you value your eye sight, adequate eye protection is still a must-have on a motorcycle. When a full face helmet gives you claustrophobia, a flip-up screen don't seem right and a pair of glasses is not your style, you should give the DMD Helmet Goggle a chance. Attaches to your current open face jet helmet with a rubber band. The goggle will clamp to the helmet and will not touch your face. It is very flexible and will therefore follow the contours of the helmet, for a snug fit, even when looking over your shoulder. Available in clear (945857), light smoke (539006) and regular smoke (945932) versions. Your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer is the man to talk to!

Gas tank knee pads

Back in the day bikers clamped the gas tank between their knees for better control in hairy moments and in deep-winter times, with their jackets full of isolating newspapers, the fuel tank felt less cold. Even if you're not of the 'clamping between the knees' type, these flexible black rubber knee pads will do a good job when it comes to the authentic look matter. Two versions are available, large (514942 / about 11cm high x 18cm long) and small (514941 / about 9cm high x 19cm long). Give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call when your knees are in for some grip


Biltwell - exhaust flange set

If you feel the inspiration bubble like a volcano in heat... then it's time to have one of these Biltwell weld-on exhaust flange sets at hand. It takes away the nitty gritty detail of fabricating the flanges yourself. You've got better things to do anyway, like concentrating on how your one-off system is going blend with the bike. Flange sets are available for Panhead (942654), Shovel (942653), 84-99 Evo Big Twin, 99-13 Twin Cam, all 86-13 Evo XL (942656) and all 57-85 Sportster. Give your dealer a call for more information.

EBC Baffle Pac - muffler re-fill

At some time in a muffler's life you will notice an increase in sound level. When your bike is equipped with a muffler that will allow access to the baffle, Motorcycle Storehouse has a re-fill pack, called a Baffle Pac. Just take the old stuff out end replace with the Baffle Pac. One baffle Pac comes with 265 grams of chemically inert, non-toxic fiberglass material, which is specifically designed for use in silencers. For more information, please call your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer and ask for MCS 507883.

Arlen Ness - Shooter muffler slip-ons

Ready to install and designed to give killer looks, sound and capable of a substantial performance increase. Comes with steel cored baffles, a 2 1/4" diameter chrome plated muffler body with billet aluminum, contrast machined, end caps. These slip-ons are a direct for the stock muffler. Stock headers and hardware can be re-used. Available for 07-13 FXST (960294), FLSTN (960295) FLSTF (960296) Softail models, 95-13 Dyna, excl. 08-13 FXDF & 10-13 FXDWG (960293) and 04-13 Sportster (960292). For more information, please call your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

No School Choppers - Shock mounted taillight

The latest innovative idea from the No School Choppers crew is the Shock Mounted Taillight, or Shock Light, for short. It will universally mount to the lower shock bolt, either left or right side of the bike, and provide you with a classic taillight & a place to mount your license plate in a minimalistic way. Note that the license plate holder is designed to be used with US sized license plates. Great to prevent cluttering the lines of a clean bobber. For more information call your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

Stock replacement coils - in chrome

'Chrome won't get you home'. Well, without a coil a motorcycle is no more than a sorry bag of bolts that won't take you anywhere. This coil, chromed out as it may be, is designed and made in the USA, to get you home. In fact it is a regular black coil, with the 85-99 stock style, that has been vacuum metallized. That is a process to evaporate metal on to the plastic in a vacuum chamber. No more need for separate chrome coil covers. Available in 3 (516804), 4 (516803) and 5 ohm (516802) to cover all H-D models, excluding Twin Cams. Give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call for more information.

















Namz - exhaust sensor thread reducer

Since quite some time Harley is using real-time fuel injection adjustment by using O2 sensors in the exhaust. These sensors come equipped with 18mm thread. The latest Harley´s, the first Tourings came out with it in 2010, are using O2 sensors equipped with a smaller 12mm thread. For those wishing to use early 18mm exhausts, in a custom set-up, there is a solution. Motorcycle Storehouse supplies Namz reducer bungs. Just mount them in a 18mm type exhaust and the threads will be reduced to 12mm, ready to take the late model H-D O2 sensors. Give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call for more information.

Roland Sands - Clarity products

A clear & transparent view into your bike is now feasible for your bike. Roland Sands came up with the idea to use a combination of clear polycarbonate in combination with CNC machined aluminum. Aluminum works well on a bike and polycarbonate is known to be extremely strong and impact resistant, it is used in some of the stronger sun & safety glasses and the better windshields. Air cleaner kits will reveal the secrets of the intake track, gear covers will give you a look at the internals of the engine and derby covers will let everybody see your clutch in action. Parts are available in a Chrome, Contrast Cut or Black Ops finish. Give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call for more information on how to deal with your exhibitionistic issues.

Fehling - Handlebars

Motorcycle Storehouse is proud to announce that they have added the complete line of Fehling handlebars to their stock. For those oblivious to the Fehling product name... this is a company well known within the motorcycle industry for highest quality handlebars for over half a century! Each and every product is, from beginning to end, German engineered and fabricated to the strictest tolerances. Today's production includes the use of full automatic computerized bending machines, ensuring the perfect bend, time after time. Highly motivated skilled personnel will enforce quality controls as a standard procedure during production. This ensures irregular and unexplainable deviations in dimensions, as commonly found with other manufacturers, do not exist. Polishing, nickel and chrome plating, or powder coating, are all done in-house to insure the highest obtainable quality in every finish supplied. Fehling is DIN & ISO 9001 certified and virtually all products are supplied with TÜV approval. Contact your your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer if your are ready for some quality bars.

Barnett - Custom length cables... raising the stakes!

At Motorcycle Storehouse they know about the issues a wider, longer, shorter or narrower handlebar can cause. Custom bike builders can turn to the, very clever, set-up of the 'custom cable section' in the Master Catalog. Here Storehouse positions all 1976-2012 H-D models, Big Twin and Sportster, both carbureted and fuel injected, in just four model years. This means you can simply pick the correct throttle or clutch cable, out of one of the four major model year ranges, that will fit your bike. All you need to do is measure your new handlebar to see what outer cable length you would require. Lengths have ranged from standard to a massive 18 inches over stock. Still, now Storehouse decided to add a variety of understock lengths. Even if you have a very short or narrow bar, maybe clip-ons, they have you covered. All control cables are available in four finishes, Stealth, Black, Braided Steel and Braided Platinum Silver to suit your preference. The quality of the custom cables? Made by Barnett and that's equal to 'perfect beyond a shadow of a doubt'.

Los Tremendos Latinos

There have been days that Motorcycle Storehouse just had loads replacement and custom parts, nothing else. Those days are gone. The parts are still present, more than ever even, but for the last couple of years an overlooked product is coming more and more in perspective. Clothing. Just now they have added the complete Los Tremendos Latinos clothing line. T-Shirts and Hoodies with various prints, all born to reflect a way of life. If Survival, Brashness, Pride and Excessiveness mean anything to you, you´d better call you Motorcycle Storehouse dealer right now.


Jagg - Fan-assisted oil cooler

What if you're in that traffic jam that seems to have no end? When you think that you're the one that's overheating, think about your air-cooled engine. No problem, since Jagg thinks in solutions. Take this Jagg oil cooler for instance. It cools with a 50mph (8okmh) breeze, even when you're not moving. All thanks to the fan-assisted oil cooler that kicks in at a temperature of 210° Fahrenheit (99°Celsius) and pulls a massive 150 cubic feet of air across the 10 row cooler. Easy to install too, Jagg calls it 'simple' and includes a set of installation instructions anyway. Fits all 09-12 Touring models (excl. ABS models). If you are thinking about a solid investment in these shaky times, this is it. Call your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information

Biltwell - Bubble visors

We all know that with Biltwell helmets a classic is re-invented, or if you want to say it more clearly... subzero coolness is achieved. Cruisin' around, with your Biltwell helmet firmly planted on your head, you might encounter some bugs every now and then, crashing into your teeth. Another option, you may find you do not attract enough attention with your helmet as is. For both problems the Bubble Visor is the ticket to perfection, look at the pictures. Need we say more? Pick your color and Click-Fit attach it to your Biltwell helmet. For more info contact your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

Le Pera - Sportster Forty-Eight

Since its introduction in 2010 the Sportster Forty-Eight has captured the minds of those that dig its unmistakable retro styling. The solo seat is a part of what makes this Sportster the appealing cool back-in-time machine it is. LePera designed a series of solo seats that will take the place of the original to take it to the next level in basic or for some additional comfort. Available for the Forty-Eight are the Bare Bones and, for some extra comfort, the Cherokee. The new seats for the Forty-Eight come in two LePera upholstery stylings, a smooth or pleated cover and in regular foam or their revolutionary 'Biker Gel' filling, to help prevent nasty pressure points on the long haul. If you are ready to ditch that stock seat, it's about time to talk to your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

King Kerosin - Kevlar jeans

Typical jeans fabric is made from cotton, known as denim and initially used as heavy duty work clothing. Since the late 60's, of the last century, when young shook the old world from their shoulders, jeans became immensely popular and stayed that way up to now. Nothing wrong with jeans until you combine denim with motorcycle riding. Once you've seen a biker that did some asphalt skidding, you will never forget. Its abrasive and the outcome is not a pretty sight!

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and now King Kerosin introduced motorcycle riders to jeans in which kevlar fibers are used in a way that immensely abrasive resistance is combined with easy wearing. You will not notice any difference in comfort. What you will notice is that the material is hydrophobic as well, meaning you can ride in the rain and keep dry! The jeans are washable up to 15 times without losing their water repellency. Various styles in male and female exist, so talk to your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information on saving your hide.


Biltwell's latest bars

No matter what you say, you can't claim the Biltwell bros. are sitting around, lingering about their successes. Right after a ride the designers, with flies still between their teeth, are found behind their computers trying to catch their wildest handlebars imaginations in 3D. You may wonder if they were able to merge the ideas together in one tangible object. Well... they did. In fact 6 new bars, with names like Moto, High Drags, Mustache, Breezer, Zed and H-Bar entered production. All are available in 1 inch diameter 4130 chromoly seamless bar in a dimpled (pre-82 H-D) and un-dimpled (82-up H-D) version. There's even a choice in bling chrome or an ambush matte black electroplate finish. Cool! Give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call.

Progressive Suspension - 'FST' shockabsorbers for Tourings

As the earth rotates the sun, as unstoppable are the tech guys at Progressive Suspension designing the perfect shock absorber. Since nothing is ever perfect, progression never stops. The latest development are the 444 series shocks. These are equipped with FST (Freqency Sensing Technology). This is a system that dynamically adjusts damping to the requirements of that moment by sensing the amount of bumps in the road surface. The FST system is available in the 944 shock as well, which the low ride height shock for all 80-12 FLT / Touring models. If you're in the market for a new set of shocks, the 444 or 944 is something to consider. For more information, contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

Smoothtopps - Push-on bolt covers

In sparkling chrome or pitch black. Which ever way you look at it, if detailing your bike is important the smoothtopps system is not one to walk away from. Easy press-fit installation, clamps like a pitbull and, some say, looks like a million bucks. A set contains push-on plugs, in various diameters, to cover the bolts used in that specific application. You can get sets for many applications for a whole load of Harley models. However, if you're looking to detail just a part of your bike, individual covers are available as well. Contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer to learn more.

Vance & Hines - 2012 exhaust systems

Amongst the most popular aftermarket exhaust manufacturers in the Harley-Davidson aftermarket industry is the Vance & Hines brand. For most 2012 models, now equipped with the smaller 12mm O2 sensors, Vance & Hines has a new exhaust system. The quality is far above average with fitment immeculate design features as the nearly invisibly 220 degree heatshield system and optionally available, in most cases, extra quiet baffles. If you think your 2012 model could do with an upgrade in the looks, sound and performance department, talk to your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

La Rosa - In Camouflage

La Rosa Design has established a firm place in the aftermarket seats and saddlebag manufacturers. 'A quality product always pays off', Don La Rosa once said. La Rosa saddlebags and toolrolls are made from full 9 ounce thick leather in a light black, light brown and rustic brown color. Newly added are an Army and Navy camouflage style. The same quality 9 ounce leather is used as a base, with a finish of a camo printed fabric on the outside. Another camo product is the 16 inch Bad Ass solo seat in a camo print. Camo is great to cruise, unnoticed by police or radar, at illegal speeds, someone once said, others some seem to debate the factuality of this claim. Either way these La Rosa camo series stand above any discussion and will certainly provide a combination of great looks, fitment, looks and cool. Give your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call for more information.


Nelson Rigg - Riding Gear

If you're good at something it will usually show in the results of what you do. Nelson Rigg is a company that specializes in motorcycle covers, luggage bags and rain gear. Riding stuff, so to speak. When something is designed and manufactured it goes through a rigourus testing session at Nelson Rigg, but its is also tested by independent testing facilities. If you want to know if the product you are about to release is nothing less than excellent, that's the way to go about it. The reason why a manufacturer wants a perfect product is clear: Long term relationships with distributors, dealers and riders worldwide. All will come back since quality, for many, stands above the lowest price possible. Motorcycle Storehouse has added the full Nelson Rigg product line to their already extensive product line. So, if you're in the market for a genuine USA made product, with a giant leap in quality compared to many, all you have to do is contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

Cobra - Fi2000 Powrpro

Sure, there are a massive amount of fuel adjustment devices around today, especially when it comes to adjusting the lean running fuel injected Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This one here looks like The Holy Grail in fuel management. It is developed by USA based exhaust manufacturer Cobra and brought to us as the Fi2000 Powrpro. The system works radically different from any other system on the market today. All is made possible due to some innovative thinking and todays fast electronics. The results are beyond expectations.
How it works?
A crankshaft turns round at a steady pace, when the engine is running, right? Wrong. There is a slight variation in crankshaft speed during rotation due to compression and firing of the fuel mixture, the crank accelerates and slows down a little. By measuring the amount of acceleration on the firing stroke, 80 times per second at any RPM, the amount of fuel that is injected is adjusted continuously to provide maximum crank acceleration. This provides the perfect amount of fuel since the best fuel / air ratio gives best power in any throttle setting. It works equally well with or without O2 sensor models. As long as the stock injectors and fuel pump keep up, your engine is adjusted perfectly at any moment, at any flick of the wrist, at any speed, at any throttle opening and with any mild to wild engine modification. Dyno testing is no longer required. The Fi2000 Powrpro system was street and dyno tested in Europe and is reported to work as claimed! Call your Motorcycle Storehouse Dealer for more information.


Easyriders - Cyclops risers

After years and years of riser design by just about anybody, this is new! Easyriders comes with the very best idea for the lowest, meanest & cleanest bolt-on set-up you can imagine. You just can't help to wonder why nobody else thought of this basic idea before. Mounts directly to the top triple tree riser mount holes, with 3 1/2" spacing, like most H-D models have. Made from polished or black powdercoated duralumin, an aircraft quality aluminum alloy which gives a superior hardness and more than adequate strength. Will take all 1" diameter handlebars. Talk to your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information on the coolest riser set-up ever!

Performance Machine - Vision headlamps, grips & pegs

Performance Machine is BIG on design & quality, a well known fact. Less known is that their new series of Vision head lamps has arrived at Motorcycle Storehouse to prove that point. Apex, Cross Bar, Clean, Grill and Merc are the available styles and each of them is available in Regular chrome, Contrast Cut or a Black OPS finish. If you're into style matching, with matching grips and footpegs, your choice would be the 'Apex'. The grips are available for both regular mechanical and the 2008-up electronic throttle system. Give your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call for more information so you may continue your trip in style.

Stock replacement rims

The world does no longer rotate around the classic Side Valve, Knuckle, Pan, Shovel or even Evo anymore. Twin Cam is what rocks hard, you'd think anyway. Many aftermarket suppliers, and distributors alike, are concentrating on the latest and greatest bikes out there. But the classic Harley's, that gave us so much fun and brought us all to where we are now, are not yet forgotten! Motorcycle Storehouse always had, right from the start 30 years ago, an above average interest in the earlier models and, although never omitting the Twin Cams, that is a feat that continued to this day. You could almost call it tradition. In this tradition Storehouse has brought back, as perfect reproduction of the original, the 40 spoke 3.0 inch wide rim with rubber side valve... Man, that brings back memories. They have added the same rim in 3.50 x 16, 4.00 x 16, 4.50 x 16 and 5.00 x 16 in chrome, and some in black. Available in rubber or metal side valve and even some in metal center valve. If you need to re-wheel your hog, you know where to go!

Paughco - Solid brass risers

These here Paughco risers will fit right in to todays retro scene. They are actually polished brass versions of the chrome plated, time tested steel, they already had available. Paughco has more brass parts though, much more. Have you seen their solid brass Panhead rocker covers, for instance? Knock on the door of your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information on the Paughco product range


West Coast Choppers - foot wear

Jesse James, the man behind the scenes at West Coast Choppers, knows all about fashion and style. When strolling down the boulevard you can just walk, like everybody else, or distinguish yourself from the rest. Even when wearing nothing but Jesse's foot wear you can be sure to be noted. The two new WCC shoes are the Califas and for the quick in 'n out your choice would be the Slip-Ons. Both styles are available from size 40 to 46. Call your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information on these and other West Coast Choppers design statements.

John Doe - Kamikaze Kevlar® field jackets

When riding a bike, things can turn bad very quickly. As bike riders we accept the higher risk of injury when riding a motorcycle. Living live on the edge sounds nice but when hitting the asphalt your thoughts are elsewhere. While scraping the asphalt you might think about how nicely the John Doe Kamikaze Kevlar jacket resists the abrasive effect, so much better than a regular jacket. While flippin' through the air and smacking in to the street over and over you might even consider the fine cushioning effect that the, removable, elbow, back and shoulder protectors are giving you. This is a fine jacket and the best of all, you don't even have to crash to appreciate it. Other features include lots of pockets, a removable thermal liner and permanent wind and waterproof technology. Available in Black, Olive and Camo from Small to 5XL. Call your dealer for more information.

Motogadget - M-Grip & M-Blaze turn signals

Motogadget is well known for their stylish design and electronic marvels. The latest of the line are the M-Blaze turn signals for in-handlebar use. Available as 930286 for left & 930287 for the right side. Special LED's in amber (turn signals), red (rear marker) and white (front marker). Combined with the clear transparent glas material this gives a 'total lighting system', according to Motogadget. The M-Blaze lighting can be used with 930288 M-Grips, without end cap, or you can modify your stock grips. The M-Blaze turn signals are EC approved as front turn signal only. For more information, contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

Schampa - Touch screen knitted gloves

A smartphone is a device that changed the world, we all know that, and working with it is for many a necessity. In cold weather you wear gloves, but then the touchscreen will not work. The solution to keeping your hands warm is finger tips conductive touch screen enabled black knitted gloves! Contact your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information.

Alpine - MotoSafe hearing protection

What worry could you have when cruisin' around in your twenties? None! However at a later age you may notice you actually did have a problem but never recognized it as such. Your ears just may not be what they used to be after all the riding you did. Regrets will not help you, you can't turm back time so... act now! Get yourself, and your partner, a couple of decent earplugs and never ride without them. Motorcycle Storehouse offers Alpine MotoSafe, a hearing protection system specifically designed for motorcycle use. It will not cut-out ambient sounds but reduce sound pressure levels to non destructive to your eardrums. The plugs come with two sets of interchangeable filters with two different sound reduction and a zippered carrying case. Go talk to your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer. Bet you'll say a lot less 'What?' when your dealer says something.

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