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Alle Motorcycle Storehouse press releases van 2014 op een rij.

Enne, zelf kijken wat de meest actuele stand van zaken is in het MCS product palet? Hier gaat u naar de Storehouse website.

All Motorcycle Storehouse 2014 press releases lined up.

Wanna have a look to see the latest of the latest in the avalanche of new MCS products? Here's your link to the Storehouse website.

John Doe, Kevlar® Defence Hoodies

When talking about hoodies your first impression of someone wearing one, would not be a dead giveaway that this person would ride a bike, not when safety is an issue anyway. First impressions are sometimes incorrect. So now you can look irresponsible but in fact have a hoodie that is up to the job of protecting you when things don't go as planned. The Defense Hoodie comes with a Kevlar lining which makes it motorcycle worthy. Optionally you can order a 'protector set' , which includes easy removable back, elbow and shoulder protection inserts. Contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information.

Lowbrow - Patches

When the world looks a bit dull, just swing around that perception by adding some color to it. Have a look at these Lowbrows products for instance. Stickers and sew-on patches, perfect for the job! Apart from that you can show the world what makes your engine tick. Contact your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information.

James - Gasket boards

This is one for the professional workshop. James Gaskets is, without a doubt, the largest gasket & oil seal supplier in the Harley-Davidson® aftermarket industry. Keeping a grip on your sealing department can be a challenge at times. Motorcycle Storehouse offers you a headstart in the gasket & seal battle by offering the James Gasket Boards. Both James and OEM partnumbers are printed on the boards and both part numbers can be used to order the specific James gasket at Storehouse. Boards come without gaskets or, to get you started, with gaskets to service one bike. All come complete with mounting and display hardware. A total of five boards are available: 36-64 Knuckle & Pan, 65-84 Shovel, 84-99 Evo B.T., 96" Twin Cams and 86-03 XL models. As a dealer you can talk to your Motorcycle Storehouse sales representative and as a retail customer you may contact your dealer directly.

H3 Spotlamp assemblies

Reproduction styling, clear lens and brandnew on the shelf at Motorcycle Storehouse. These lights are equipped with 55W H3 halogen bulbs for some serious lighting, high beam only ofcoarse. The clear lens is good for the instant classic look and if you fancy something more... one with a clear blue tinted lens is available as well. For more information, contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.


Mustang - Seats

We all know Mustang, the seat manufacturer in the USA. Good news for believers in a quality product.... The full Mustang line is now available to your dealer, through Motorcycle Storehouse. They carry the full line and keep it in stock in their warehouse. These seats are amongst the highest quality and most comfortable on the market, ask any biker that has been in a Mustang saddle for more than a few miles. Over 30 year experience shows. The seat manufacturing techniques breath quality, right from the 3/16" thick marine-grade gel coat finished fiberglass base, right to the seating area, with special controlled density polyurethane foam to provide all-day comfort. The exact shape, angle and density of each seat is scientific formulated, says Mustang, and cast to be soft enough for comfort and resilient enough to stand up to even 'thousand mile' days. Fact is Mustang seats are know for retaining their shape and give good support, even after years of use. Most Touring seats come with an internal steel support wing to provide maximum passenger comfort and all come with a cover that is made from the highest quality expanded vinyl available. Durability and resistance to the elements are higher than OEM standards for motorcycle seats, with seams sewn twice for lasting strength. Seat are available for most H-D models, including the latest, in a variation of styles from rudimental to all day cruisers, with or without backrest. Give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call or check out the MCS website.

Vance & Hines - High Output Duals & 2-1

Who says a Dresser is slow doesn't know diddely. Some are equipped with heavily modified or powerful aftermarket engines and they need an exhaust system to bring out each and every screaming horse aboard. The Hi-Output Duals is a true race bred brushed stainless crossover exhaust system that is not afraid to hide its race genes. Everything breathes performance, straight from the easy accessible flat plane 12mm and Quick Access 18mm O2 sensor ports, for the required wide band tunability to the 1 3/4 to 2 inch tapered headpipes and the 3 to 3 1/4 anti-reversion cone equipped baffle. The muffler body is a large 4 to 4 1/2" stepped focussed on increasing volumetric efficiency. If you are looking for the finest finished system, look further. If you want the best system for your high output engine, this is it. Available as the 2-2 duals and in a 2-1 system (981877) as well. For more information on this race system, contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

Fuel tank news

Motorcycle Storehouse announces the addition of a series of gas tanks. Obviously, in style with the times. This brings a series of retro tanks in the 2.25g Sportster, 3.3g Ribbed Mustang and a 2.0/2.2g Frisco style, a high/low tunnel 'egg' tank. A stretched chopper gas tank with 4.1 gallon, 4.7 gallon and even in a massive 5.3 gallon capacity is available for those looking for something else than a flimsy tank. The stretched tanks will require a stretched custom frame but, especially the 5.3g, will go the distance! Just contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for these latest fuel houses.


SuperTrapp exhaust systems in stock at MCS

We all know SuperTrapp, old-time bikers anyway. For the newbie: SuperTrapp manufactures high performance exhaust systems with mufflers that are equipped with an ingenious adjustable disc muffler system. Many SuperTrapp’s come in stainless steel which will give them the unmistakable 'gold-effect' that only stainless can supply and mufflers are adjustable by adding or subtracting discs. Adding more discs will improve flow, gives more sound and top-end horsepower. Less discs is less flow, which gives less top-end power, less noise but increases usable low-end torque. The unique SuperTrapp feature is that you can tune you mufflers to your specific engine, since no engine is alike, or tune it to your own preference. Other exhaust systems is usually buying some­thing and 'hoping for the best', leaving not much room for the rider to make any adjustments afterwards. For SuperTrapp owners additional diffuser discs are separately available, as are all replacement end caps and many custom option, therefore SuperTrapp is King in performance versatility for both stock as high performance applications. The full line of SuperTrapp exhaust systems, including two in one, two in two, crossover head pipes and a full range of replacement slip-on mufflers is available from your local dealer and can be found on page 945 through 960 of the new Volume 11 Motorcycle Storehouse catalog.

Paughco's Indian Larry gastanks

In honoring memory of one of the great customizers Paughco brings us their 'Indian Larry' fuel tanks. With the typical custom dished sides it has been available, for a while as a universal with 3.0 gallon capacity. Now you can get them in 3.5, 4.5 and even a 5.0 gallon capacity and each is available as a universal or as a model specific gas tank for 95-03 XL, 04-06 XL and even for the latest 07-13 Sportster. If you think your Sporty is desperately in need for a larger fuel tank, not lacking style, this just may be it. More information at your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

Lowbrow 39mm fork covers

If you have an issue with you average looking front end but refuse to invest top-dollar in a complete custom fork, read on. Lowbrow fork covers are used to beef-up narrow glide forks with the skinny 39mm tubes. They'll transform the bike from stock to tough with an unmistakable blend of retro-custom. An absolute great looker and easy to install. The front fender will no longer fit but that's a plus since it's ugly anyway. If you would shave the lower sliders, to match the smoothness of the covers, this would again, enhance the custom looks of your bike. The covers are manufactured from heavy duty steel and available in a plain raw steel (946296), black electroplated (946294) or chrome plated (946295) finish. Give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call for more information on these or other Lowbrow custom parts.


Vintage 5 3/4" headlamp

With todays return to vintage bikes, say 60's, early 70's, you've just gotta have a period correct headlamp to match your brand new creation. You can even give your classic bike just that bit extra. These Vintage Headlamps come in black or chrome with a 60mm diameter speedometer mounting hole, positioned in the rear section of the headlamp. Then the genuine new age old school look really kicks in, since these headlamps are designed to work with all electronic 60mm Velona speedo or tachometers. The signal can be picked-up from the bikes digital output, or just order an active sensor, available as MCS 900404, separately. Light output is up to date, with 55-60W H4 bulb equipped unit with EC approval. Headlamp shells are side-mounted and matching, fork tube mounted, brackets are separately available in polished stainless or black painted steel and will fit 35, 39 or 41mm diameter fork tubes. Check out the Motorcycle Storehouse Volume 11 catalog page 55 for the speedo / tacho and page 1134 for the Vintage headlamps. If you don't wanna, just call your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer!

Bobby Bolt, kids wear

Serious kids stuff in a style you like to see them. Tough Baby Creepers, T-Shirts and even Hoodies that give other baby's the message! The cuteness factor is astounding. When they're a bit older, like 3-14 years, then too junior can be King of the World with age matching designs. Go talk to your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer to give your kid the edge

Lowbrow, Cole Foster grips

Some things on a bike can have a nasty habit. They may look different than you had imagined, bummer man... That's not what you will experience with a set of barrel styled Old School grips that breath Classic with a capital C. These will look good from any angle, even in any color. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Cole Foster, the almost legendary owner / designer of The Salinas Boys Customs, did the design. Grips come packed in a embossed metal tin, so you'll know you have something special. Available in three colors: Black, Antique Marble Grey and Mocha Marble. All you need is a 1 inch diameter handlebar and the universe will melt into one great nice picture perfect happy place. Just have to get 'm first, but that's easy. Contact your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer

Burley Sportster Café racer tail section

This Café Racer seat, by USA based manufacturer Burly Brand is distributed by Motorcycle Storehouse and it will make things easy on you. A lot less tools and time for a creation that is nothing short of great. It is called a 'Tail Section' since the seat is not, like most, installed on top the stock rear fender, that would be a short-cut to a lesser result. The installation of this seat/cowl combination will require the removal of the stock rear fender, support struts relocation of taillight & turn signals. This opens-up the rear of the bike, bringing out the maximum in true classic cafe racer styling in a way no other 'ready to install' seat could ever do. Available with a fully vinyl covered seat/cowl (MCS 533343) or with a vinyl covered seat and a paintable black gel coated cowl (MCS 533342). To transform your 86-93 Sporty in to Super Hot you need to talk to your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer, he'll fill you right in


Clothing & Lifestyle from Motorcycle Storehouse

More on the horizon for motorcycle parts distributor Motorcycle Storehouse. A feat that is proven to you when you get your hands on their newest 256 page 'Clothing & Lifestyle' catalog. It will make you happy, just by looking at it! Colorful, fresh, new, different, it'll sweep you off your feet like a flush flood. Featured is a world of real-life street clothing and accessories for both bikers and non-bikers. Most products are unisex but the Storehouse Clothing & Lifestyle is first with a special ladies section, where clothing is especially designed to compliment the female body. Even a special section for kids was added, maybe they'll never cry again!
Ready yourself for the new season with well over 6000 products like T-shirts, work shirts, hoodies, jackets, gloves, caps, beanies, bandanas, sunglasses, embroidered patches, stickers, biker pins, work boots, sneakers, helmets, Kevlar pants, tank pads and much more. You'll come across the hottest subculture & performance suppliers worldwide like Jesse James and West Coast Choppers, Lowbrow Customs, K&N, Biltwell, S&S, King Kerosin, Lethal Threat, Holy Freedom, 101 Inc., Helly, Bandit helmets, Shark Helmets, DMD helmets, etc. Camping gear and rain-suits from Nelson-Rigg to keep you going. It's a big world out there and the Clothing & Lifestyle catalog will help you explore it in style. Just contact a Motorcycle Storehouse dealer of have a look on-line at motorcyclestorehouse.nl


Jesse James - Industry clothing

You just can't go through life like a hybernating plant. Style is important, if not we'd all be riding a 70's Volvo. Next to your Harley, or maybe even a classic Brit Bike, you have to set some standards. To make a stance you need your feet firmly on the ground and what better to get things straight than the Jesse James Industry Work Shirts, Industry Hoodies, Industy Jackets or insulated Sherpa Industry Hoodies and Jackets? Available in a variation of colors to suit your taste. For more off-duty easy chair times your relax-mode could never be higher than in one of Jesse's T's. For more information call your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

Arlen Ness - Fusion foot & shifter pegs

Arlen has been in business since 1969, which is proof of the outstanding qualities this man has when it comes to customizing. Surviving in an extremely competitive market can be done only when you have customizing running in your veins as if it were blood. Several new foot peg styles have just been introduced by the Mastermind of Customizing, with names as Deep Cut, Knurled, Ring Leader, Slot Track and Smooth. Matching shift and brake pegs are separately available. All are a 'fusion of great materials'. Forged steel reinforcements with anti-slip linear rubber insert combined with chrome or black anodized aluminum. If you can't stand the foot pegs that you currently have, this is the time to fit new ones. Talk to your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information on these Arlen Ness products.

Roland Sands Design - Avenger & Regulator handlebar levers

Average simple things, things that every biker has, may sometimes seeme of less importance. Let´s take handlebar levers, for instance. If they work it's okay... you may say. Not always true since the man or woman that has a genuine affiliation with Style & Class can easily be detected. Good chance you will find items of Roland Sands on his, or her, bike. The latest addition of the King of Custom are the Avenger and Regulator handlebar levers. Available as set or as individual item. All are, ofcoarse, meticulously CNC machined from billet aluminum bar and available in chrome, black OPS and Contrast Cut versions for all 96-12 Big Twin and Sportster models. The 'Regulator' is lever to grip distance adjustable, good for those riders with smaller hands. All are laser engraved with the RSD logo. If you are in to detail, you can even style-match these levers to RSD handlebar grips and footpegs. Just give you local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call for more information.

Highway Hawk - antique copper heat shields

This is a great way to intensify the look of your exhaust, it'll even keep you from nasty burns. The heat shields are actually made from much stronger steel and finished with an antique copper finish for looks. Can be used with up to 2 1/4" or 60mm diameter headers, drag pipes or mufflers and installs with a worm-gear type clamp. Available in 9" (MCS 926539) and 6" (MCS 926540) lengths. For more info on these shields you can contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.


The new Vol. 11 catalog. There can be only one!

MCS Volume 11 has hit the streets and will have impact as the best sales tool for shops and the finest information for the rider. Motorcycle Storehouse refers to its contence as 'The Epic Collection' since it does not just contain the largest parts selection in the Harley-Davidson Industry the world has ever seen, the content truly includes the Latest & Greatest when it comes to finest suppliers world-wide. Loads and loads of new products, totalling over 10.000 parts, from both existing and new suppliers have been added. Companies like SuperTrapp exhausts, Feuling tech parts, Mustang seats, Legend Air Suspension, Fehling handlebars, Phantom Pad, Custom Dynamics, Speaker lighting, to name but a few, are now distributed by Motorcycle Storehouse.

Catalog specs? A full update to include 2013 model years, 1600 pages, 250+ suppliers, 48.000+ products, of which at least 10.000 are new, over 17.000 full color images and 110 technical drawings. Several chapters have been reorganized to improve on logics and several sub-indexes are placed to speed your search.

Apparel products, as clothing, helmets and such, have been removed from the Volume 11 Master catalog and separately placed in 'The Feel Good Collection' of the MCS Apparel Catalog. It will be published at a later date but see more frequent updates, as fashion dictates. For now the massive MCS Volume 11 Master Catalog is ready to be picked-up at your local MCS dealer or to be viewed on-line at www.motorcyclestorehouse.nl


Wheels from Performance Machine and Roland Sands Design... in stock!

Motorcycle Storehouse has been importing both Performance Machine and Roland Sands for quite a while. Newly added are the PM Element and Paramount wheel styles, and the Diesel design from Roland Sands of which the Element and Diesel are TüV approved. Wheels are available in a series of variations, like front/rear, width, diameters upto 26 inches and a series of hub variations for custom applications and a ful line to cover most late style Softail, Dyna, Touring, Sportster, V-Rod models up to the 2013 model years. Style matching the wheels to brake rotors, pulleys or chain drive conversion sprockets is possible since these have been added as well, in matching designs. Different from all other aftermarket suppliers Motorcycle Storehouse will not have to 'special order' wheels. All wheels as mentioned in the MCS catalog are actually on stock. This makes MCS the company with the largest stock in PM and Roland Sands wheels worldwide, great news if you dislike waiting for weeks, or maybe even months, for your wheels to come in. For more information just contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer and pick up your own copy of the brandnew Motorcycle Storehouse Volume 11 catalog, or visit the Storehouse website and browse through the Storehouse catalog on-line.

Burly - Cable extension kits for Apes

The latest H-D models come equipped with the so called HDLAN / CAN Bus wiring system. This is freaky stuff for the older generation since you can control multiple electrical functions through a single wire. The advantage is reduction of the wires in your wiring harness, the downside is the complexity when installing a higher handlebar like, for instance, an apehanger. Burly has a series of ‘apehanger cable extension kits’. The latest addition is for 11-13 Softail and 12-13 Dyna (excl. Fat Bob) models. These kits include a black clutch, throttle, brake line, necessary electrical wiring extensions and installation instructions and are available for 12, 14, 16 or 18 inch apehangers. So, even with your new HDLAN /Can Bus equipped Softail or Dyna, you can reach for the sky! Call your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information.

Lowbrow fuel bottle
Men can't do two things at the same time, they say. Well you can, and will, push your bike down the road and regret you have not bought the Lowbrow Fuel Bottle at the same time. Some say doing two things at the same time shortens your life considerably, therefore, when running a peanut of some sort, this strong but ultralight seamless extruded lacquered aluminum 30 fl. oz. (887cc) fuel bottle is a must have. Do not confuse this bottle for the regular water bottles in camping good stores. The Lowbrow fuel bottle is specifically made to hold fuel and due to the inside coating not suitable for any consumable goods. For more information contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer, or push your bike when the time has come.

Easyriders - Head lamps

When talking custom, like hard-core custom in a classic way, there is no way you can get around the Japanese. Easyriders, from Japan, has come with a new head lamp to bring light in your custom life. Through the drilled trim the edges of the unit will show, giving a special lighting effect. In a polished or black anodized aluminum housing the 3.3” opening of the lens may not be too large, but we’re talking custom here. At that moment all stock and average rules go out the door for something different and Easyriders has done just that. The nice thing? These can be ordered, quite conveniently, at your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer. Give the guy a call.


Legend Air Suspension, the Ace-Ace

Ride height has been a hot debated issue around custom bikes since decennia. Low is cool, hitting the street after a pothole is not, neither is limping away from your bike after a 100 mile ride since your spine was re-arranged. Other important factors are the actual load on the bike. Just the rider or riding 2-up with luggage for a 3 month camping trip. The only true solution is a suspension system that is wide-range adjustable. The more extreme the adjust ability is, and the easier to adjust, the nicer it is. That's why Legend Air is the Ace-Ace if we'd be playing Texas Hold 'Em. Legend Air manufactures fully adjustable air suspension that can lower the bike from stock to 3" lower, great for the super-low bike look when parked. The push of a button will tell the compressor to do its thing, no matter if it’s parked or traveling at cruising speeds. Of coarse, correct ride sag can always be obtained in all situations. Tech details include Gates Kevlar air spring technology, deflective disc dampening and, best of all, no bottoming out under any load. Color coded plug & play for a quick and hassle free installation. Applications include 89-13 Softail, 86-13 FLT/Touring, 06-13 Dyna, 86-13 Sportster and 02-13 V-Rod models. Just take a look at page 260-261 of the new Vol. 11 MCS catalog and give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call.

MCS First Aid motorcycle kit

If you hop on your bike for a nice ride, chances are you're not thinking about all the ugly things that could happen. Still, if you feel you should be prepared, for yourself or for one of your riding buddies, this is the helping hand in times of need. The Motorcycle Storehouse First Aid Kit is specifically composed, in accordance with DIN 13167, for motorcycle use. It is even required by law to carry one on your bike in many European countries. The kit includes first aid Instructions, rubber surgery gloves, insulation blanket to help prevent shock, dressings, bandages, self-adhesive plaster, gloves and scissors. The complete kit comes in a zippered nylon bag which is approximate 15cm wide x 12cm high x 5cm deep, with a weight of just 247 grams. Might as well give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call since it's better have and not need than need and not have, eh?

Roland Sands / Vance & Hines, 2-1 Slant

This 2-1 exhaust system came to life after some serious teamwork. Design Wizard & Custom Speed King Roland Sands told Vance & Hines, no stranger to making high-end performance exhaust systems, what he wanted. The collaboration gave birth to a 2-1 one system that breathes performance in both design and dyno numbers. A maximum in ground clearance is maintained to help sweep around corners and the 1 3/4" to 2" headers keep lower-end torque numbers up there with the best. The lightweight stainless constructions serves both overall bike weight and longevity... this is a riders system! Available for 86-13 Softail (excl. CVO Breakout), 06-13 Dyna's (excl. Switchback) and 04-13 Sportsters (excl. models with forward controls). The finish of these systems is available as 'Carbon Ops', giving you Black Ceramic / Gloss Carbon mix with a stainless tip, or as the 'Works Finish', which is as basic as you can get, straight from the welder in plain stainless with exposed welds without any optical improvements. For more information on one of the sportiest systems on the market today, call your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.

Biltwell Gringo helmets

Now, you can call these classic, vintage or whatever you like but these Gringo’s are basically the full face helmets we all used to wear in the 70’s when topping-out our bikes at speeds previously unknown to men! Yeah, the older you get, the better you were. All you need is a more or less classic bike and before you finished strapping that helmet to your chin the instantaneous built-in time warp will have brought you back to the 70's. For a modern day EC approval a helmet needs to be large to contain the required shock absorbing material between the helmet shell and the riders head. These are true classics and therefore impossible to make with an EC approval, unless you have a head the size of an orange. The Biltwell Gringo, however, does in fact still meet the American safety standards of DOT approval, which means it is approved in the USA for use on 'public roads & highways'. Available in XS to XXL sizes, all in Gloss Vintage White, Gloss Black, Flat Black, Flat Titanium or Gloss Hazard Orange. Contact your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information on the infamous Gringo


Dynojet Power Commander 5 series for 2014 models

Fuel supply can make or break your riding experience. The stock ECU set-up will work, but it's far from perfect due to restrictive government regulations, something you'll notice when riding. When starting to tune your new bike, which includes basic things as fitting a free breathing air cleaner and exhaust mufflers, a good working fuel injection system becomes even more important. Dynojet has released brand new Power Commander 5 series fuel injection modules that are fully programmable to satisfy your bike's fuel needs, no matter if just lightly tuned or heavily modified. Power Commander 5 is available for all 09-14 Softail, Dyna, Touring, Sportster and V-Rod models. Tuning can be done with readily available downloadable maps, or you tune yourself by PC. As an option the AutoTune stystem is available. The Auto­tune will automatically tune your bike while riding and to maximize results two Wide Band O2 sensors are included to replace the stock Narrow Band sensors. A much better tuning result will be obtained then ever possible with the stock, low cost, sensors. The rider can even specify the AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) to tune for power, with more open throttle positions, or economic fuel consumption with more closed throttle positions like when cruising, these maps (race / cruise) can be selected by the flip of a toggle switch. To visualize it all you can, optionally, get the LCD Unit to show your, real-time, on-bike map adjustments, air/fuel ratio, data logging and more. Give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call if you feel it’s time to upgrade your fuel injection system 

Shark Helmets, Raw Series

The Shark Raw is a helmet with a distinct design, a mixture of a skull and the monster enemy in a spectacular first person shooter. It will surely not appeal to everybody! For those that like a bolt statement, the Raw is a great urban helmet with all modern features and safety aspects you'd expect of a leading European helmet manufacturer as Shark. The base is an open face helmet with a flip-up facial protection mask and a scratch resistant integrated goggle. On the inside the anti-fog layer helps with a continuous clear vision, even in more adverse weather conditions. The Micro Lock buckle system insures you'll get it on & off, without hassle. When it's all said and done, take out the detachable inside, place in a washing net and cold cycle it in your washing machine. Your Shark Raw is Fresh & Ready for new adventures! Available in Gloss Black, Gloss White Azur, Matte Black Metal, Matte Green and Gloss Orange/black striped in sizes from XS to XL. Other Shark helmets, like the EvoLine series 3 (jet / full face helmet) or the Shark RSJ series (jet helmet) are available as well, obviously all are EC approved. For more information get the brand new 256 page Lifestyle & Clothing catalog from Motorcycle Storehouse, or have a look online at motorcyclestorehouse.nl and talk to your dealer.

Softail & Road King speedometers 

For those liking the stock style speedometers to gaze at it must feel like the sunset just hit the aftermarket scene after a very dark night. For a very fair price you will get a very close reproductions of the 95-03 H-D spFor those liking the stock style speedometers to gaze at it must feel like the sunset just hit the aftermarket scene after a very dark night. For a very fair price you will get a very close reproductions of the 95-03 H-D speedometers, with tachometer (MCS 991113) or without tachometer (MCS 991106). Install them as a direct replacement for the stock item found on 00-03 Softail and 95-03 FLHR models or use them in a heavy customizing job. Easy, since the speedos can be installed, with the right plug (MCS 951420 12-way socket housing), on most pre-2003 bikes equipped with a stock electronic 95-03 transmission speedo sensor pick-up. In stock at MCS right now, so contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer to get your hands on one. eedometers, with tachometer (MCS 991113) or without tachometer (MCS 991106). Install them as a direct replacement for the stock item found on 00-03 Softail and 95-03 FLHR models or use them in a heavy customizing job. Easy, since the speedos can be installed, with the right plug (MCS 951420 12-way socket housing), on most pre-2003 bikes equipped with a stock electronic 95-03 transmission speedo sensor pick-up. In stock at MCS right now, so contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer to get your hands on one. 

Lethal Thread - Color your life! 

Lethal Threat is a compsny specialized in artwork, and to make a bold statement: Better than the Mona Lisa! The product palette includes iron-on embroidered patches and stickers, of which they have re-defined the term 'sticker'. Great designs, fantastic graphic artwork and high quality materials which are perfectly suited for in or outdoor use. All decals are screen printed with fade resistant inks on quality clear vinyl and die-cut around the exact shape of the designs. The Visual effects are great and a tastefull addition to any clubhouse, workshop, car, boat etc. For more information get the brandnew 256 page Lifestyle & Clothing catalog from Motorcycle Storehouse, or have a look online at motorcyclestorehouse.nl and talk to your dealer 

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