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De Motorcycle Storehouse Pressreleases. Na een tijd 'ach, hoeft Hildo niet meer te doen' worden ze wederom toch weer geschreven door hem geschreven. Enne, persoonlijke noot... Hildo vindt het, behalve leuk om te doen, ook informatief en beter te lezen want alleen plaatjes en onderdelen met tekst uit een exel lijst zeggen soms net niet genoeg.


Enne, zelf kijken wat de meest actuele stand van zaken is in het MCS productpalet?

Hier gaat u naar de Storehouse website.


OEM style hub assemblies

Late H-D models come equipped with an ABS braking system and that’s something to hold into account when building wheels. Motorcycle Storehouse has added a series of ABS compatible front & rear wheel hubs to their ever growing assortment, thus improving an ABS wheel builder’s life instantly. Give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call for more information.
905563 15-17 XL (ABS models)
905566 12-17 FXD (ABS models)
905568 11-16 FXST (ABS models)
905571 09-17 Touring (ABS models)
905564 15-17 XL (ABS models)
905567 12-17 FXD (ABS models)
905569 11-15 FXST (ABS models)
905572 09-17 Touring (ABS models)


Canvas saddlebags

Canvas is probably the most widely used material when it comes to extreme durability. Applications range from the canvas as used for paintings all the way to postage bags and military bags and that for hundreds of years. These saddlebags come with an internal plastic backing plate for structural integrity, which is an important feature in saddlebag use, and they will probably last longer than you may imagine. Universal mounting straps included.
559326 6 liter
559328 10 liter


Softail shock absorbers

New in the Motorcycle Storehouse assortment are these height adjustable Softail shocks. They allow you to set the bike from 1/2 inch lower to 1 inch higher than stock. Fitment includes all 00-17 Twin Cam Softail, excluding FLSTN Nostagia models, and are available as 905388 (chrome) and 905387 (black). For earlier 89-99 Softails these adjustables are available as 950897 (chrome) and 950890 (black). For more information, contact your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer.
Chrome Black
950897 950890 89-99 Softail
905388 905387 00-17 Softail (excl. FLSTN/I


80mm Velona speedometers

The perfect solution for those in search of a state of the art ECE approved instruments. These speedo and tachometers come with a 80mm diameter and 41mm high black housing, a universal V-style mounting bracket and more features and functions than you may expect. Speedometer: Electronically steppen motor driven, waterproof, LED background lighting, speedo/voltage/ODO/trip/clock. Can be connected to the bike's digital output signal. Speedometers are Kmh/Mph selectable. Tachometer: Maximum RPM memory and recall, hour meter, Temp. gauge in Centigrade & Fahrenheit (separate temp. sensor required) with maximum temperature & recall, clock. Readable 'pulse per rotation' 1P/1R, 1P/2R, 2P/1R and 30P/1R (00-up H-D only).
559317 200kmh/mph
559318 260kmh/mph
559319 9000rpm
559320 14000rpm


2018 Cult-Werk collection

The German designers of Cult-Werk are in a continuous state of creation, and again there is no stopping them in 2018. At this moment Motorcycle Storehouse already included the latest Cult-Werk developments to the product offerings. Amongst the very latest you will find a headlamp mask and 6-piece fork tube cover kits for the 2018 FXBR/S Softail Breakout, triple tree bolt sets for 2018 Sportster & Breakout, and also the 6-piece fork tube cover kit tailor made for the 10-15 XL 1200X Forty Eight. For all other Cult-Werk products, see the new MCS Vol 13 catalog, website or contact your dealer.


Rusty Butcher hard parts

Virtually drenched in gasoline, that’s the essence of Rusty Butcher products. Just around the essence, in no particular order, you can add: Made in the USA, Live Free, Lifestyle, Work hard and Ride Free. Throw in a sniff of radical, a touch of extreme and top it with a layer of Badass. You’ve guessed right, Rusty Butcher hard parts are as cool as that chicken after 24 hours in the deep freeze. Offered is apparel like: Hoodies, T-shirts, caps, pins, wallets & chains, socks, loads of stickers and some bike parts as, point & derby covers and bars. Your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer is the place to go!


Kellermann Bullet Atto turn signals

With an overall length of 14mm, a metal housing diameter of 10mm (1cm) and lens diameter of just 7.8mm the Bullet Atto is an ultra small turn signal that re-defines miniature. Easy to overlook in traffic, you'd say, but the High Output power LED in combination with the special Extranz Extreme Optical Transparency technology actually gives it a colossal light output, when taking in account the tiny dimensions. High quality and ECE compliant. This is THE ONE for those that like turn signals small and virtually invisible on a bike, until activated. Also available as position light for front use only . With M5 x 6.5mm threads.


Progressive suspension - 2018 Softail series 465 shocks

The new M8 Softail is of a different breed and one of the changes is the chassis and suspension. For the rear end Progressive Suspension already developed a whole series of new 465 absorbers. Perfect as replacement and or as a shorter shock in custom applications and equipped with deflective disc valving and high pressure nitrogen filled aluminum body. Available with the regular threaded adjustable pre-load system or the RAP (Remote Adjustable Pre-load), which is located behind the left passenger peg for easy access. Comes in stock, longer and shorter lengths with standard or heavy duty springs. Available with a total length of 343mm (+10mm longer), 333mm, 321mm up to 309mm (-2” lower), making it the perfect shock to drop it low!


Rebuffini RR90 hand controls

Those proclaiming ‘Harleys are dinosaurs’ have no idea on what ‘The Factory’ has done the last 20 years or so. Fuel injection, 8 valve technique, more power and improved reliability to name just a few. CAN-bus (Controlled Area Network-bus) wiring is one of them and used from 2011-on various models for communication between ECU and sensors with limited wiring. Nice, but Harley customizers now have to use special CAN-bus compatible handlebar switches. Rebuffini designed and manufactured their CAN-bus compatible RR90 Radial Hand Control kits especially for custom applications on those models. Control kits are CNC machined black anodized aluminum and come with lighted soft-touch switches, super compact dimensions and a flawless finish, fit and quality. Four kits are available to cover all 11-17 Softail, 12-17 Dyna, 16-18 Softail & 14-18 Sportster (keyless Can Bus B) for a key-type or key-less ignition and a cable or hydraulic operated clutch. If you have a feel for some Italian flair, now is the time to get in contact with your dealer or check the Motorcycle Storehouse website for additional information on a set of great controls.


S&S - Mini Teardrop Stealth air cleaner kits

Like the regular Stealth air cleaners made to perform. The difference is it is now equipped with a miniature version of the iconic S&S Super teardrop air cleaner cover. At only 85% of the original teardrop size these Mini Teardrop Stealth air cleaner kits will show more of the engine and give the bike a staggering custom look. Large machined slots in the teardrop cover give it full functionality by guaranteeing that airflow is not obstructed, irrespective its miniature size. Fits CV carb or stock Delphi fuel injection. Available with a chrome or gloss black cover.


Axel Joost Elektronik

After the steam engine electronics are an absolute necessity to get things in motion. The latest technology introduces more mechanical advances and definitely made things better, faster & stronger than before. Downside is that the electronics of a bike became more complicated and wiring more visible. Effective immediately the Motorcycle Storehouse product palette has been widened by Axel Joost Elektronik, a German engineer on a mission for electronic simplicity in miniaturized form. Offered are the well-known 'brainboxes', but smaller and more efficient than ever with, or without, special in-bar handlebar wiring adapter boxes which allow on-bike programmability. Special 'digital harnesses', a sub-brainbox, were designed to further simplify and reduce visible wiring. Additional products include small programmable electronic modules for bikes with air rides, bluetooth and RFID controlled ignition switches, a headlamp relay, miniature flasher relay and programmable multi-flasher and a brake flasher relay. Contact your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information or check out motorcyclestorehouse.com on how to simplify your bike.


SuperTrapp 2-1 Bootlegger exhaust system

A full stainless steel system that is TIG welded, giving that brute racing look. Stepped head pipes for uninterupted high flow characteristics and an turn out end cap that can be rotated to suit your taste. Compatible with stock or extended saddlebags. Guaranteed to make things happen. Available for Dyna, Touring & Softail incl. the M8 models. Contact your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information or check out motorcyclestorehouse.com


Universal saddlebags

Symmetrical saddlebags for either left or right side universal use. Comes with a variation of mounting options on the rear side. Includes leather and nylon mount straps but can be used with virtually all mounting material. Saddlebags are reinforced to help maintain shape when empty. Front closure with quick-clip fasteners of which the straps are belt buckle length adjustable to compensate for fill-rate. Complete with bottle holder and rain cover, which can be used when bag is installed.
567372 9 liter. 20cm high x 36cm long x 13cm thick
567373 12 liter. 27cm high x 36cm long x 12cm thick
567374 18 liter. 30cm high x 40cm long x 15cm thick


Dynojet - Power Commander V

This fuel injection module is just (3 1/4"/83mm wide x 2 1/4"/57mm high) and works in conjunction with the stock ECU unit. No need for permanent changes. It will make the fuel system and the ignition fully programmable. During cold start-up the Power Commander can read the exact engine temperature through the bike's own ECU, which allows the tuner to choose how much fuel to add for a given engine temperature. Big Inch modified bikes should be easier to start than ever.
With a universal on/on toggle switch, or the Dynojet PCV MAP switch, it is now possible to switch between two fuel/timing maps, like for economical touring and racing or high octane and low octane fuel. The Gear/Speed input allows maps adjustments based on gear. The Analog input allows the tuner to install any 0-5 volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost or temperature. The Power Commander can be tuned on a PC with an USB cable connection, no extra power supply is required. Complete with software for tuning but ready made maps can be downloaded if preferred.
568344 2018 Softail
568345 17-18 Touring
568346 15-18 XG750


Mustang - Hightail Fastback seat

The Next-Gen Fastback. Like the original a low profile one-piece seat. The deep cut rider section remained but the high arching tapered tail offers exceptional back support with cafe racer flavor. An aggressive riding position is offered making this seat a serious candidate when more than slow boulevard cruising is foreseen. Size given is rider seat area widths in inches.
08-18 Touring
563691 13" wide
06-17 Dyna (excl. 14-17 FXDF Fat Bob models)
568421 13" wide
14-17 Dyna FXDF Fat Bob
568422 13" wide


Kellermann - Bullet Atto DF 3-1 rear turn signal and taillight

With an overall length of 14mm, a metal housing diameter of 10mm (1cm) and lens diameter of just 7.8mm the Bullet Atto is an ultra small turn signal that re-defines miniature. Easy to overlook in traffic, you'd say, but the High Output power LED in combination with the special Extranz Extreme Optical Transparency technology actually gives it a colossal light output, when taking in account the tiny dimensions. High quality and ECE compliant. This is THE ONE for those that like turn signals small and virtually invisible on a bike, until activated. Also available as position light for front use only. With M5 x 6.5mm threads.
Bullet Atto DF (taillight, brake & turn signal)
Dual Function, taillight, brake & turn signal in one with clear lens. HighPower LED Technology. ECE approved for rear use.
571791 Clear lens, black housing


National Cycle - Mohawk windshields

A descendant of the Flyscreen, a larger and more functional V-profiled screen where the added height & width adds up to more comfort without the dreaded bulk. Hardware is identical to the Flyscreen with fully adjustable fork tube mounted hardware. All come with a 95% dark gray FMR hard coated Lexan® polycarbonate for optimum scratch resistance and an almost unbelievable strength and impact resistance. Dimensions: 9.25" high (23.5cm) x 11.75" wide (29.8cm).
Note: Special version is available for headlamp mount but is otherwise identical.
Fits up to 43mm fork tubes
569895 Straight bracket, chrome hardware
569896 Straight bracket, black hardware
569897 Curved bracket, chrome hardware
569898 Curved bracket, black hardware
Fits 44-51 mm fork tubes
569903 Straight bracket, chrome hardware
569904 Straight bracket, black hardware
569905 Curved bracket, chrome hardware
569906 Curved bracket, black hardware
Fits 52-56mm fork tubes
569899 Straight bracket, chrome hardware
569900 Straight bracket, black hardware
569901 Curved bracket, chrome hardware
569902 Curved bracket, black hardware
Headlamp mount
Installs to most naked bikes with open forks and exposed headlamps.
569907 Straight bracket, chrome hardware
569908 Straight bracket, black hardware


Altmann - ignition modules

Used on H-D engines to install an advanced, fully adjustable and dependable ignition system. Super simple to set-up, easier than a points ignition! Perfect for any stock to performance application and absolutely brilliant to get an engine running when converting from injection to carburetor. Adjustments can be done with engine off or running.
Custom bikes: Nothing else required than the Altmann ignition, and the bike will run.
Controls: No computer required. Suitable to provide best timing for maximum power for all engine capacities and tuning levels, including stock. Perfect idle at 900RPM or even at 350RPM, what ever your preference. Complete with instruction manual. Dimensions are 6x7x3cm, smaller than a pack of cigarettes.
17-18 M8 (Milwaukee Eight)
AMM-P3M8 single fire ignition
Compatible with stock crank sensor & coil. Three control knobs allow 4 settings for each range; maximum advance, advance curves and rev-limiter in 5750, 6000, 6250 and 6500 RPM. Not compatible with stock wiring harness. Mikuni HSR carbs are a very tight fit between M8 heads, Keihin carbs will not fit.
Note: Manifolds are made from reinforced polyamide and require adequate support.
569449 Single fire ignition module
569451 Manifold for S&S Super E/B & Ultima R2 carburetors
569450 Manifold for S&S Super G/D & Ultima R1 carburetors
36-99 all Big Twin (excl. Twin Cam); 71-03 XL, Buell XB; 36-73 Flatheads
AMM-P2 single / dual fire ignition
Cam sensor interface. Requires 569453 single fire or 569454 dual fire sensor plate, sold separately. Comes with 16-stage maximum advance, advance curves and 5000-8000 RPM rev-limiter in 200 RPM steps. Perfect for kickstart. Only 2.5V required to function. A Twin Cam with BDL nosecone (BDL 515186 for gear driven cams only) will enable you to kickstart a Twin Cam.
Note: Distributor models require a distributor that allows a H-D style electronic sensor plate & pick-up (like S&S, Mallory).
569452 Single/dual fire ignition module
569453 Single fire sensor plate
569454 Dual fire sensor plate


Moto-Master - brake rotors

Moto-Master is an established high-end brand in the world of most demanding brake applications. These include brake discs for Road Racing, Superstock 1000/600, Superbike and non-street applications as Motocross, Off Road or Paris Dakar ralleys. Moto-Master now offers the same quality brake discs for Harley-Davidson applications, for those demanding nothing but the best. Moto-Master is ISO 9001:2015 and TüV/ABE - KBA certified. For all Moto-Master products, see the MCS website or contact your dealer.


Cult-Werk - rear Touring fender 'Custom'

This is a complete rear fender conversion kit that installs over the stock rear fender to give the bike an instant makeover with stunning results. The fender is ABS Construction, machined on modern 5-axis CNC machines for a 100% perfect fitment. Kit includes fender, mounting hardware and two integrated LED taillights and two turn signals. For installation the saddlebags should be removed after which the fender installs directly over the stock fender and mounts with the stock hardware of the seat.
14-18 Touring
566766 Paintable (matte black)
566767 Gloss black


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